Whiskey in America: Education & Libation

Recent attention toward the reconstruction of George Washington’s distillery, a 5-still commercial operation on one of Washington’s farms from 1797-c. 1802, has sparked interest in spirits distillation in America. The distillery burned to the ground in 1814 and was lost until rediscovered by Mount Vernon archaeologists in 1997. After extensive reconstruction, the distillery is once again operational, making it one of the few places where whiskey is made just as it was in the early Republic. The recipe for Washington’s whiskey survives, and is faithfully reproduced in small batches, twice a year, at the distillery.

On Saturday, April 25, 4PM, at the Nye Museum, Luke Pecoraro, who is Director of Curatorial Services at the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, will offer a brief introduction to the history of distilled products made in colonial America, with specific reference to Washington’s distillery. Following the lecture, five whiskeys will be offered for tasting. Admission is $10, plus $15 to participate in the tasting. All participants will receive a complimentary whiskey tasting glass. Registration available at nyemuseum.org. Inquiries can be directed to info@nyemuseum.org or by calling us at (508) 888-4213. Limited space is available. This is a 21+ event.

The Nye Museum is located at 85 Old County Road, E. Sandwich, off Route 6A near the East Sandwich Post Office. The event will be held in the Grange Hall.

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