Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The Nye Museum is dedicated to protecting the Benjamin Nye Homestead, chronicling the property’s historical significance, and fostering community engagement through historical education and events.

Vision Statement:

The Nye Museum will be a dynamic landmark in the Town of Sandwich. A friendly staff of historians, administrators, and volunteers will work together to curate the museum, coordinate educational events for the public to enjoy, and study the family’s genealogy and contributions to local, colonial, and United States history. In order to fulfill these goals, the museum will also maintain the Nye Family of America Archives and operate the Nye Museum Press, which will publicize the property and its history.

Statement of Goals:

  1. To become a premiere tourist destination by continually refreshing the design and curation of the Homestead, opening a Visitor Center in the Grange Hall, and offering self-guided tours of the property.
  2. To encourage community engagement with the museum through carefully selected and unique educational events.
  3. To increase membership in the organization by developing new initiatives that serve our members across the United States, especially enhanced genealogical services, the Nye Museum Press, and the Nye Family Archives.
  4. To cultivate new information and artifacts relevant to the property and Nye family through research, artifact analysis, and archaeology.
  5. To sustain a diverse community of volunteers through outreach, enhanced development opportunities, and reliable and equitable staffing practices.
  6. To modernize the museum’s offerings through digital exhibits, virtual events, enhanced genealogy research tools, and a living website.
  7. To collaborate with like-minded institutions in surrounding communities in order to promote our history and mission.