Our Staff

Meet our team of dedicated professionals and volunteers

Amy Johnson, Executive Director

Amy Johnson is a nonprofit professional with over a decade of experience in arts and culture institutions on Cape Cod. While she may technically be considered a “washashore,” Amy has lived on Cape since she was six years old and feels the sea in her veins! When not at work, Amy is most likely on outdoor adventures with her dog, Twyla, or curled up on the porch or by the fire with a good book.

Mary Kennan, Executive Secretary

Mary Kennan has decades of experience as an executive secretary and has worked at the Nye Museum for 10 years. Alongside her husband, John, Mary owned and operated an Inn on Martha’s Vineyard from 1981 until 1990. She lives in a Nye Historic Homestead in Sandwich Village where William Latham, the Nye Family of America Association’s first President, lived. Mary loves antiques and her favorite part about being part of the Nye team is event planning. Come join us for one of our special events soon!

Contact: mary@nyemuseum.org

Maria Nye, Volunteer Coordinator

Maria has been living in Sandwich since June 2019 when she and Gerry Nye were married. Before retiring to Cape Cod in 2002, Maria taught at the University of Rhode Island, Department of Human Development and Counseling. She was also employed at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut as Manager of Staff Development and Volunteer Training, eventually rising to serve as President of the American Association of Museum Volunteers, a national organization.

Contact: volunteer@nyemuseum.org

David Wheelock, Archaeologist and Facilities Supervisor

David Wheelock

Dave Wheelock has worked for multiple museums and universities from the West Coast to the East. He has completed field archaeology from California to Virginia to New England. His interest in the Nye Museum started over 30 years ago through his association with Rosanna Cullity. Dave has also served as caretaker of the Wing Fort House for the past 33 years.

Contact: davidspringhill@outlook.com

Marge Donley, Curator

Marge Donley

Marge Donley has an Associate degree in Visual Arts and Design and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. She has been associated with the museum since 1996. After becoming curator in early 2020, Marge outlined three developmental goals for the museum: to place more emphasis on our earliest heritage and how work and life at the homestead changed in the century from its founding to the American Revolution; to start a garden with period appropriate herbs; and to ensure safety and good record keeping of our inventory.

Contact: curator@nyemuseum.org

Mark Wiklund, Editor of Nye Museum Press

Mark Wiklund, editor of Nye Museum Press, has served on the Board of Trustees of the Nye Family of America Association since 2012. He works at MIT as a Knowledge Analyst, chairs the Sandwich Public Library’s Board of Trustees, and writes a monthly column Peregrinations for the Sandwich Enterprise newspaper. In his spare time enjoys painting and photography and has exhibited his work in many local galleries. Mark resides in Sandwich with his wife Maureen and is very proud of his grown children.

Contact: editor@nyemuseum.org

John Nye Cullity, Senior Historian

John Nye Cullity is Senior Historian for the Association.  He is the son of Rosanna Cullity, who led the effort to preserve the Homestead in 1959 and who served as curator for over 50 years.  John began studying the Nye family and local history when a teenager, and joined the Nye Board of Directors in 1974. In 1987 he and his mother compiled A Sandwich Album as a fundraiser for the Association, and he later wrote a newspaper column, “The Cedarville Journal.”  He has also done extensive work in land preservation, and has been president of the Sandwich Conservation Trust since 1985. 

Contact: jncullity@gmail.com

Lohra Lee Nye, Genealogist

Lori Nye has been a Life Member of the NFOAA since the late 1970s.  She retired after almost 30 years as a Dept. of Defense civilian on 30 September 2008.  She also worked for local commands with the Army Library Program between Watervliet, New York and Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Michigan as a Library Technician and Librarian.  Since then, she has worked as a part-time Reference Librarian with Mott Community College, in Flint, Michigan.  She is also a substitute reference librarian with a local public library and volunteer at the Library-Archives at the Selfridge Military Air Museum.

Contact: genealogy@nyemuseum.org