Your Nye lineage can be traced back to Benjamin Nye

The Nye Museum continues the Nye Family of America Association’s proud tradition of genealogy, which stretches back to the late nineteenth century. This work has been compiled in American Nyes of English Origin, Volumes I and II.

In 2007, Ian Hilder, George R. Nye, and Jonathan A. Shaw published their academic study of the Nye Family genealogy, with important revisions, in Benjamin Nye—Examining the Sources.

Lohra Lee Nye is our resident genealogist. She can be reached at

How To Use American Nyes of English Origin

In both volumes, numbers identify important genealogical information tracing each individual generation by generation back to Benjamin Nye.

Using the number 14826-11 as an example, the information provided is the following:

1 represents Benjamin,
4 represents his fourth child Jonathan Nye,
8 represents Jonathan’s eighth child Joseph Nye,
2 represents Joseph’s second child Sylvanus Nye, and
6 represents Sylvanus’s sixth child Samuel Nye.
The hyphen is used between each group of five generations for clarity. The next number 1 represents Samuel’s first child Samuel Nye, and the next 1 represents Samuel’s first child Rosa Sears Nye.

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