Grange Hall Rentals

Modern A/V equipment and catering facilities are available

The Nye Museum offers convenient rental options for private parties during our offseason, from mid-October to mid-June. The East Sandwich Grange Hall is located at 91 Old County Road near the East Sandwich Post Office. Built in 1889 as a meeting place for the East Sandwich Grange #139, the hall features a stage and wide-open gallery with wood floors. The hall offers air conditioning, wifi, sound amplification, a projection screen, folding tables, and chairs. The hall has a maximum capacity of 100.

A group of people meeting in Grange Hall

In keeping with the independent spirit of the Grange, all rentals are “Do It Yourself.” You may organize the space to your liking, so long as you return everything to the condition in which you found it. We do not offer any facilities for preparing food. Food should be prepared before arriving on the property.

For event inquiries, contact museum staff at (508) 888-4213, email or contact us here.

The Grange is available to rent from mid-October through mid-May.

All renters will be required to review the Grange Hall Rules & Regulations and sign a Rental Use Agreement.