Publishing Division

Bringing the past to life while celebrating the Nye legacy

Nye Museum Press is the new publishing imprint of the Nye Museum. We publish titles that tell the stories of generations who lived and worked at the Benjamin Nye Homestead, raised their families, tended the land, developed industries, journeyed to new territories, and helped build new communities. Nye Museum Press also manages a catalog of Nye Family of America Association publications that date back as far as the early twentieth century. These titles are available for purchase online and at the museum’s gift shop.

If you are interested in participating or have any ideas or publishing proposals, please contact us.

New Titles

Our first title, Nye Mill Museum – History and Preservation, tells the history of the museum’s Grist Mill with an engaging mix of informative narrative and colorful photographs.

Future titles will explore cooking at the hearth in the Homestead, tell exciting tales from the Maritime collection, and unearth treasures from the archives. In each title, we will provide readers of all ages and backgrounds with a passport into the Nye Museum’s collection. Our goal with each title is to bring the past to life, to educate, and to inform.

Current Catalog

L. Bert Nye, Jr., American Nyes of English Origin, VOL. 1 (1977). Covers genealogy of generations 1 through 8, soft cover reprint. $30

L. Bert Nye, Jr., American Nyes of English Origin, VOL. 2 (1990). Covers genealogy of generations 9 through 12, soft cover reprint. $30

Joseph B. Hall, Our Village or Old Times & New (1857). Compiled and edited by John Nye Cullity. This 1857 poem describes the tavern, store, mill, school and other neighborhood features surrounding the Benjamin Nye Homestead in the early 19th century. 23 pages. Softcover. $8.95

George P. Nye, 19th Century Seafarers (1993). A compilation of previously unpublished Nye Journals, record books and letters offering fascinating insights into their lives and adventures.

Ian Hilder, George R. Nye, and Jonathan Shaw, Origins of Benjamin Nye—Examining the Sources (2006). $3.00. Reprint of 2006 article.

George P. Nye, Legendary Lives: True Tales of Old Time Survivors, War Heroes, Statemen, Artists & Adventurers (1977). True stories of over 35 notable members of the Nyes of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Adventurers, war heroes, statesmen, artists, and writers.

Rosanna Cullity and John Cullity, A Sandwich Album (1987). A compilation of 300 photographs depicting Sandwich, MA from 1880 to 1920. Carefully researched captions, essays. Includes many Nye homes.

Lohra Lee Nye, Genealogist

Lori Nye has been a Life Member of the NFOAA since the late 1970s.  She retired after almost 30 years as a Dept. of Defense civilian on 30 September 2008.  She also worked for local commands with the Army Library Program between Watervliet, New York and Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Michigan as a Library Technician and Librarian.  Since then, she has worked as a part-time Reference Librarian with Mott Community College, in Flint, Michigan.  She is also a substitute reference librarian with a local public library and volunteer at the Library-Archives at the Selfridge Military Air Museum.