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Fall 2023

Dear Members & Patrons,

Have you ever wondered what your legacy will be?

We’re sure Benjamin Nye and Katherine Tupper never could have imagined that the humble saltbox style farmhouse they built for themselves in 1678 would become a museum three hundred years later. Their legacy lives on in our mission to promote and preserve their way of life and the impact the Nye Family had on East Sandwich throughout history. While most of us won’t have museums erected in our honor, we can make a lasting impact on the Nye Museum. The future of the Nye Museum depends on the generosity and goodwill of patrons – that’s you, reading this letter right now – to continue to grow and flourish.

One of our goals for 2023 is to renovate and improve the kitchen in our Welcome Center. A complete overhaul of the kitchen is necessary in order to continue to use the space. For years the Welcome Center (formerly the Old Grange Hall) provided a place of community for the farming families of East Sandwich and later all residents of Sandwich through food-based events such as ham-and-bean suppers and pancake breakfasts with Santa. The kitchen has not been improved in decades and is in a bad state of disrepair.

Your donation will help restore and renovate the kitchen which will provide us with opportunities to host workshops, bake sales, community dinners, and services for event rentals.

Thank you for considering leaving your legacy with the Nye Museum. We are truly appreciative of any support you can give.

Kind regards,

Amy M. Johnson

Executive Director, Nye Museum

Donations Page