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Visitors Center at the Grange Hall Now Open

This season, we will open the Grange Hall to visitors Tuesday through Saturday 11AM-4PM. The Visitors Center at the Grange Hall includes an expanded gift shop, tour and property information, and selected exhibits. All of our offerings are designed to be self-guided and to comply with COVID-19 rules and regulations. Check out our expanded gift … Read more

Nye Museum Press Releases Its First Book!

Nye Museum Press Releases Its First Book! Mark Wiklund, Editor of Nye Museum Press is pleased to announce the release of a new book: Nye Mill Museum: History & Preservation. Written with contributions by John Nye Cullity, Dave Wheelock, and David Shorten, the book recounts the history of grist milling at the Benjamin Nye Homestead, … Read more

Archaeology Dig Postponed until October

At the beginning of the summer, staff at the Nye Museum recovered dozens of precious artifacts during a three week archaeology dig led by Dave Wheelock. We planned to resume the dig next weekend August 8. Owing to the extreme heat this summer, we have decided to postpone our next dig until early fall, perhaps … Read more

Important Updates on COVID-19 and the Nye Museum

The Nye Museum remains open this summer, with necessary restrictions in place. All staff and visitors must wear a facemask on the property, and maintain social distance. These requirements are especially true indoors. Therefore, given its small space and what scientists are learning about the “aerosol effect” indoors, the 1678 house museum will remained closed … Read more

Old Fish Hatchery Trail Now Open!

The Nye Museum is pleased to announce that we have opened a new trail on the property. Beginning July 17, visitors will be able to take free self-guided tours of the Old Fish Hatchery. Audio narration is available at

COVID-19 Update

In order to ensure public health and limit the spread of covid-19, the Nye Museum will postpone its upcoming talks for March, April & May. Please check back for more updates about other events.

Whiskey in America: Education & Libation

Recent attention toward the reconstruction of George Washington’s distillery, a 5-still commercial operation on one of Washington’s farms from 1797-c. 1802, has sparked interest in spirits distillation in America. The distillery burned to the ground in 1814 and was lost until rediscovered by Mount Vernon archaeologists in 1997. After extensive reconstruction, the distillery is once … Read more

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